flylite harness 001

Thirty-two years after our first cocoon harness design, Wills Wing has redefined the concept of a lightweight recreational soaring harness with the FlyLight3. The FlyLite 3 Cocoon is now available through authorized Wills Wing dealers.

covert 001

The Wills Wing Covert harness is the next step in optimizing performance for serious competition and cross-country pilots. Designed and developed by Jeff Shapiro and Steve Pearson, in collaboration with Dustin Martin, the Covert takes drag reduction and harness function into an entirely new realm.

Z5 harness 001

With the Z5, all the upgrades that others sell as extra cost options are integrated into the design at no extra cost. We pioneered the low profile front entry pod harness over 17 years ago, and we've been improving it ever since.