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Welcome to the world wide family of Wills Wing pilots. When you purchase a hang glider, paraglider, accessory item, or any other product or service from Wills Wing you're doing business with the most experienced and most professional manufacturer and distributor of foot-launched soaring equipment in the world. We are a company of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products, services, and technical support available, now and in the future, as we have done for pilots throughout the world since 1973.


The Alpha is a new model that looks like a lower aspect ratio Falcon (less wing span, more area), and is intended for flight schools and for pilots who value light weight, convenience, slow flying and easy take-off and landing above other performance attributes.

The Falcon 4 represents eighteen years of cumulative refinement of the most popular and successful glider in Wills Wing’s history. Since 1994, the Falcon series of gliders have represented the most accessible, stress-free soaring performance available in hang gliding, and have helped to introduce an entire generation of new pilots to the sport.


Unlike other high performance kingposted gliders intended for pilots with advanced skills, the Sport 2 is suitable for even a true intermediate level pilot. At the same time, the Sport 2 provides performance that will satisfy an experienced veteran.


The Wills Wing T2 is a highly refined high performance, competition class glider featuring a long list of hardware upgrades and improvements in the sail design. The result is an extraordinary combination of superb handling qualities and unsurpassed performance, built on a platform of exceptional quality.


The U2 is a very high performance glider with handling characteristics suitable for pilots with intermediate and higher levels of skills and experience. The U2 is available in two sizes - 160 and 145.

The U2 was conceived as a very light-weight glider with performance approaching that of the much heavier, more expensive, and more challenging competition class wings.

falcon3 tandem

Wills Wing is happy to announce the release of the Falcon 3 Tandem. The Falcon 3 Tandem has been designed and developed specifically for tandem instructional use in a training environment. It features newly developed and especially robust control bar hardware, along with a stronger, stiffer airframe.