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With the Z5, all the upgrades that others sell as extra cost options are integrated into the design at no extra cost. We pioneered the low profile front entry pod harness over 17 years ago, and we've been improving it ever since.


The Z5 is a suspension style harness, meaning that it has no rigid frame structure, but is supported via a series of suspension lines that route from inside the harness and up through the carabiner. The harness has three anodized aluminum spreader bars built in to the harness to relieve lateral compression forces as well as providing attachment points for the suspension lines. All major structural points on the harness are assembled and sewn using methods similar to the construction of skydiving harnesses. The result is a flexible and comfortable harness that folds compactly, is easy to repair, and its simple design allows for easy maintenance and safety inspection.

The standard exterior of the Z5 is constructed of 600-denier polyester cloth. This cloth allows for exceptional abrasion durability, high tear strength, and excellent UV resistance. The interior cloth is 400 denier Antron. Antron is strong, durable, and has a smooth, non-abrasive finish. Sandwiched between these two cloth layers is a layer of ¼" thick Volara foam. This high-density foam increases the long-term comfort of the harness and resists compaction. The harness features two Click-Lock buckles across the chest. These buckles feature an anodized aluminum body and stainless hardware. Top quality YKK zippers are used throughout the harness.

The Z5 harness has an outstanding safety record. The Z5 harness in the side-mount reserve parachute configuration was DHV tested and certified to 150 KG. The chest mount configuration of the harness is not DHV certified, though the construction of the harness, other than the reserve configuration, is identical. The Z5 is not intended for aerobatic use.


The Z5 was designed to accommodate a wide range of pilot needs. It features two large and expandable side pockets each of which features a large rear compartment and a smaller front one that is accessible in flight. The left side front pocket contains an integral bungee retainer that can be used to secure a camera, radio, or GPS. The larger portions of the side pockets feature external cinch straps that can be used to flatten the pocket when not in use, or to assist in securing larger items such as oxygen canisters or water bottles.

There is a zippered compartment built into the base of the front mounted chute container that allows for quick access to gloves, snacks, or even a small camera or back-up radio.

The internal back storage compartment runs almost the full length of the harness. It can accessed from both the inside and the outside the harness. It features an internal expansion baffle that allows the back storage area to be extended outwards, converting the harness from a compact, casual soaring configuration to high storage capacity XC configuation by using a single zipper.


The Z5 offers a wide range of adjustments to optimize pilot comfort. Both the legs straps and shoulder straps are adjustable and once adjusted will not loosen or otherwise go out of adjustment while flying. A foam sizing block is provided with the harness and can be removed as the harness shrinks over time. Pitch adjustment is provided and is simple to operate and secure while in flight.

Included Options And Features
You have a choice of four stock body colors, all in 600 denier polyester: black, royal blue, red and silver. These can be combined with your choice of any available wedge color, or split the wedge with two colors (see Z5 harness color selector). Custom body colors, including a split body color combination, are available as an extra cost option. Please see the harness order form and the Ordering and Sizing Guide for more information on color choices and options. 

Both the top and bottom entry zippers are secured with Velcro and user replaceable. The bottom zipper features an emergency egress handle that can be used to assist the pilot in the event of a zipper failure. The boot skid abrasion protector is also user replaceable. The Z5 comes standard with a hook knife pouch and a zipper-attached, removable radio pouch. The radio pouch is designed to fit the majority of compact handheld radios on the market today. Because it's removable it can be left on the radio at all times allowing ready use both on and off the harness.

Every Z5 comes with the quality of construction and attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Wills Wing products. We support our products and our customers, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Large expandable double compartment side pockets
Front mounted shoulder adjustment
Double layer padded shoulder straps
Better coverage/seal at rear of neck ("Headgasket" built in)
Both front and side mounted parachutes deployable with either hand
Available with chest or side mounted parachute container
600 Denier polyester outer layer
Custom sizing available on request
Harness bag
10,000 pound Stubai steel carabiner
Sheath for hook knife
In-flight angle of attack adjustment cleat
Three integral spreader bars
Front mount parachute container has internal adjustable size baffle
Velcro retained entry zipper (for emergency exit and easy replacement)
High density, ultra durable, Volara closed cell foam insulation
Replaceable boot scuff protector
Adjustable shoulder straps with high density foam padding
Full length Antron™ cloth interior lining
Full length rear storage accessible from inside or outside with full length zippers
Padded, adjustable leg loops
E-Z open and close zipper system
Tow loops for both air and truck tow
Hatchback–integral large volume expandable back storage container
New 2-piece entry zipper and bomb-bay doors make it easier to walk in and rock up for landing
Wider harness cut for reduced lateral pressure
New stronger spreader bar design
New rigging configuration reduces drag, improves comfort
Removable radio pouch offers in-flight access to controls.


Description Part # Retail
WW Drogue Chute - Includes Manual 75B-4010 $97.50
Reserve Parachute    
DHV Side-mount parachute container    
Hook Knife 45B-9020   $22.50
Two color split body w/wedge or stripes 45B-8004   $90.00
Standard charge for custom work (per hour) 90O-1000