flylite harness 001

Thirty-two years after our first cocoon harness design, Wills Wing has redefined the concept of a lightweight recreational soaring harness with the FlyLight3. The FlyLite 3 Cocoon is now available through authorized Wills Wing dealers.


The Wills Wing FlyLite 3 has a clean, contoured and form-fitting design. Where most harnesses are based on a simple box pattern, this harness is tapered, curved and cambered for unmatched comfort and support.

Design and Features The FlyLite 3 builds upon the strengths of our previous cocoon models: simple, light and strong. We customize the fit using parametric CAD technology for each individual then the harness components are precisely cut on our computer-controlled cutter to maintain the accuracy of the tailored fit.

The exterior of the harness is the same 420-denier diamond nylon rip-stop used on our Covert race harness. This fabric is double-coated for superb UV and abrasion resistance yet is extremely lightweight. The harness interior is strong and durable 400-denier Antron with a smooth non-abrasive finish. In between these materials is ¼” Volara high-density foam which increases the long-term comfort of the harness and resists compaction. The bottom-outside of the boot includes a 1000-denier Ballistic cloth reinforcement for light-weight abrasion resistance with minimum bulk.

New to the FlyLite 3 is our unique line-attachment system, utilizing machined aluminum bars to improve support, aerodynamics and aesthetics. The boot is supported by a curved aluminum foot-bar which makes this the easiest-to-step-into cocoon ever! The FlyLite3 also incorporates an elegant and simple implementation of the integral shoulder-backstrap security structure.

Reserve Parachute and Storage The FlyLite3 incorporates a chest-mounted reserve parachute with a Velcro-flap fairing the bridle and right harness main together. There is a small pocket at the top of the harness above the reserve container and a larger pocket immediately below the reserve container. There is also an ample storage area running from the bottom of the reserve all the way to the boot. This area easily accommodates harness and glider bags with room to spare and acts as a fairing for the reserve container. This storage area is on the outside of the harness so its contents will never affect the fit or comfort of the harness.

Color and Options
The standard 420D diamond nylon rip-stop used in the FlyLite3 is available in four colors: black, royal blue, hot-rod red, and silver-grey. The standard color pattern is the harness body as one color, with the full-length container sides a second color, creating two full-length, tapered, accent stripes.

All FlyLite 3 Cocoons Include:

  • Custom sizing
  • Deluxe harness bag
  • 420 denier double-coated diamond nylon rip-stop outer body
  • Full length Antron™ cloth interior lining
  • 10,000 pound steel carabiner
  • Front mount parachute container with internal adjustable size baffle
  • High density, ultra durable, ¼” Volara closed cell foam
  • High density foam padded leg loops and shoulder pads
  • Aerotow loops
  • Fastex clip boot fastener
  • Curved aluminum foot-bar
  • Bar supported rigging configuration reduces drag and improves comfort
  • Integral shoulder-backstrap security structure


Every FlyLite 3 comes with the quality of design, construction and the attention to detail that you have come to expect from Wills Wing.