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The Wills Wing Covert harness is the next step in optimizing performance for serious competition and cross-country pilots. Designed and developed by Jeff Shapiro and Steve Pearson, in collaboration with Dustin Martin, the Covert takes drag reduction and harness function into an entirely new realm.


Design and Features
The Covert is a race style harness incorporating a carbon fiber backplate supported by a single suspension main. A specially designed backplate insert, CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminum and hard anodized, provides the basis for a low friction slider mechanism that allows for an easy transition between prone and upright attitudes.

In flight pitch adjustment is achieved with a spring cam activated by a hands free internal ‘butt lever.’

The Covert harness has the option for one or two side-mounted parachutes with an innovative deployment design. The closure and containment system has been carefully designed to produce a system that allows quick parachute removal with either hand while retaining a secure closure. See: Covert Parachute Installation Process

The Covert features ample storage for XC flight. Beginning externally on the upper chest, there is a seam welded camera pouch with structural bungee lanyard. Along the center of the back, there is an internal neoprene sleeve for a water bladder. A radio pocket is nestled internally behind the lower back. Above the knees there is a zippered compartment large enough to accommodate a standard glider bag. Two shin pockets hold other peripheral bags and covers, and a hollow coremat composite boot completes the generous storage profile. In the single parachute version of the harness, a large side pocket is accessible in flight.

The Covert main zipper is secured with Velcro, making it quickly and easily replaceable, and the backplate is quickly removable without tools. The Covert offers a wide range of adjustments to optimize pilot comfort. Both leg and shoulder straps are adjustable and once set will not go out of adjustment while flying.

The Covert harness has been tested to an ultimate load of 2000 lbs. without failure – equivalent to nine G’s for a 220 lb pilot.

The exterior of The Covert is constructed from 400D diamond rip stop nylon. The fabric is double coated to provide excellent UV resistance, durability and abrasion resistance, and the proper elasticity for wrinkle free skin tension and a comfortable fit. The interior of the harness is a combination of Antron and spacer mesh fabric to dissipate moisture, and provide smooth feel against the skin. Sandwiched between these two cloth layers is a layer of 1/4 inch thick Volara foam. This high-density foam increases the long term comfort of the harness and resists compaction.

The neck gasket, fabricated from double coated neoprene, has been designed for a seamless fit with minimal material. The boot is clad with 800 denier Hypalon-type abrasion resistant fabric similar to the material whitewater rafts are constructed from. This robust material is further protected with a replaceable, molded skid, providing maximum abrasion resistance on all surfaces.

Finsterwalder buckles are used throughout with rounded finishes and tactile button locks. All zippers are YKK, with CNT 4 water resistant zippers used in the parachute deployment system. These specialized zippers provide reliable separation during deployment and retain integrity from re-threading during multiple parachute repacks.

Every Covert comes with the quality of design and construction and the attention to detail that you have come to expect from Wills Wing.