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North Wing designs and manufactures quality hang gliders from the highest quality aircraft grade hardware and sailcloth. and a wide range of accessories.

At North Wing, our main design criteria is to offer wings that deliver easy handling, making them fun to fly. On our quest for optimal safety, we feel our #1 goal when designing wings is precise control and handling... even at low speeds. When conditions out there get a little rough, we hope you will agree handling is going to be your biggest concern. Our wing designs must pass specific parameters, such as coupled feel in handling between pitch and roll, and a nice gentle stall. These handling pressures must fall within our tough guidelines. We feel these unique qualifications will instill confidence even when flying in turbulent conditions. Countless hours of research in sail, frame, and airfoil design have given our wings one of the largest speed ranges in the industry.

We make Flying Fun!

Built in the USA with the finest quality materials · Designed for safety, performance, and fun!

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Flight Schools and Tandem Tour Flight companies love the FREEDOM 220 Tandem! Great sink rate, and large flare window to make foot landings easier. The Freedom 220 Tandem is certified to a maximum payload of 450 lbs, and the Sail Ribs are carbon-fiber reinforced to maintain efficient and consistent camber while under heavier flight loads. The Freedom 220 Tandem is based on our Freedom hang glider.


The Horizon ET is designed to bring the new pilot far into the sport by offering outstanding performance in tight sail setting with pull of the VG line, and docile handling in loose settings to go right from the training hill to fun soaring.

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With the Ezy  doesn't matter if you are just learning to soar or a seasoned Hang 5 pilot, you will find pure soaring pleasure in the effortless handling qualities and superb sink rate of the EZY.

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The North Wing Liberty is a fun and easy-to-fly hang glider. The Liberty has stable and predictable handling with light control pressures, and VG for utmost performance.  Rated for pilots Hang 3 and above.  Custom sail available.  148 and 158 sq ft sizes.

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The Freedom is a curved tip, high aspect ratio Hang Glider, performance driven with 35% double surface. Designed for all pilots in mind, but especially the seasoned advanced pilot that wants a second wing on the vehicle that sets up quick, very easy to fly, comfortable in active air, feels like you can land almost anywhere - and performs substantially better than modern training hill gliders.