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Felix Rühle and his partners have a remarkable company which designs, developes and produces the highest performance rigid wing hang gliders available. The team has amassed three decades of accumulated experience in hang glider production.

The label "Designed by A-I-R“ reflects our commitment to acheive the highest level of quality and performance for our products.

These standards have made the Atos brand the: most successful highly regarded rigid wing in the industry. It has extremely satisfying handling for both the weekend sport pilots and ambitious competition pilots.


atos vx 001

The ATOS-VX is our most versatile model, suited for single, tandem and motorised flying. An impressive 183kg hook-in weight make this glider ideal for tandem flying. A-I-R is offering an optimized, bigger tandem A-frame with big wheels.

atos vrq 013

Inspiration for the development of the ATOS VRS 135 was the ATOS VR10. The aim was to construct a fixed-wing, comparable in terms of flight dynamics of the VR10, but to decrease the weight (81 lb/37 kg)  for significant advantages in handling, and therefore particularly suited for lighter pilots.

atos vr 001

The ATOS-VR has been designed as our competition glider for high cross-country performance. The adjustable V-tail, with angle of attack coordinated with the flap setting, give the VR a great, well defined speedbar pressure over the whole range of speed.

atos vq 006

The ATOS VQ is the new intermediate glider of our successful ATOS series. It took over the proven features of the ATOS VR. However the design focus was rather on relaxed handling than performance.