The Mission Soaring Training Program is a model for schools across the country. We are known for our well developed training program with an emphasis on the fun, intense and wonderfully empowering feeling of flight with a primary focus on safety. Owner Pat Denevan is a leader in the development of modern training standards, has been on the Board of the United States Hang Gliding Association (USHGA) and has been instrumental in developing their Instructor Certification Program. At Mission Soaring you will train with experienced, USHGA Certified Instructors. Our small classes provide plenty of personal attention - instruction is complete, flexible and tailored to each student from beginner through advanced skills.

Confirm Your Class is Taking Place
We live in California where we fly year-round because the weather is always perfect ... except, sometimes it's not. Advanced pilots, regular students, first timers, everyone - should call our Class Confirmation Message (408-262-1055) no more then 3hrs before the scheduled session to learn if the class is on or being cancelled due to adverse conditions. What may appear to be a beautiful day may infact be forcasted to not be for instruction and/or towing. Some days are clear and sunny but simply blowing from the wrong direction or too windy. Always call witihin 3 hours of your lesson to save from driving to our training site unnecesarilly.

  • Single Lesson
  • $180
  • Available Saturday, Sunday, Monday and other days by special arrangement
  • No experience necessary
  • 4 hours of introductory flights where you're doing the flying
  • Our most popular offering
  • All flying gear supplied.
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  • High Altitude Tow Lessons
  • $35/Tow
  • Tow up to 1,000 feet at first and up to 2,000 for experienced pilots
  • For students who have received their H1 Certification and for experienced hang glider pilots
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  • New Pilot Package
  • $800.00
  • 5 Solo Lessons: Five 4-hour classes of introductory training flights.
  • Save on lessons – save $20/lesson
  • Complete Student Packet ($40 value): Pilot Logbook plus Hang Gliding For Beginner Pilots Training Manual
  • All flying gear supplied
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  • Equipment Purchase Plan
  • Ongoing Savings
  • Purchase your hang glider equipment from Mission Soaring Center for immediate savings
  • Save on tows – save $10/tow
  • We have the latest equipment available - both new and used - fully inspected, test flown & certified
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