freedom220 qr

Flight Schools and Tandem Tour Flight companies love the FREEDOM 220 Tandem! Great sink rate, and large flare window to make foot landings easier. The Freedom 220 Tandem is certified to a maximum payload of 450 lbs, and the Sail Ribs are carbon-fiber reinforced to maintain efficient and consistent camber while under heavier flight loads. The Freedom 220 Tandem is based on our Freedom hang glider.

The T2 Tandem Hang Glider has effortless handling qualities and an excellent sink rate.

  • Wing Area: 215 sq ft
  • 35% double surface sail 
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.7
  • Airframe: 7075 & 6061 Aluminun
  • Glider Weight: 68 lbs
  • Pillot Hook in Weight: 220 - 450 lbs
  • Control Frame: 70" tall
  • # of Ribs: 16