liberty qr

The North Wing Liberty is a fun and easy-to-fly hang glider. The Liberty has stable and predictable handling with light control pressures, and VG for utmost performance.  Rated for pilots Hang 3 and above.  Custom sail available.  148 and 158 sq ft sizes.


The optimal combination of double-surface sail area and refined sail planform design provides handling and performance benefits through the range of VG settings.  The elliptical tip planform includes three shear ribs and integrated speed vents to ensure consistent under-surface sail shape at higher speeds.  If you liked the North Wing Freedom hang glider, you will love the new North Wing Liberty!

Standard Features:

  • Elliptical Tip Planform
  • 6 internal Shear Ribs
  • VG Sail Tension Control
  • Low-profile Keel Pocket
  • Comfort Bar round (Speed Bar) Base Tube
  • Streamline Safety-edge Uprights
  • Streamline Kingpost with Kingpost Hang System
  • PX15 Leading Edge fabric
  • 170 Dacron top Main Body
  • 180MT Square Trailing Edge fabric
  • Flip-Tips on Upper Ribs 


  • Fast Foil Control Frame with aerofoil Speed Bar
  • PX10T Mylar Full Race Sail

Glider Break-down

  • 16.6 ft in the bag
  • 12 ft quick break down for U.S.A. shipping
  • 9.5 ft break down length for international shipping