atos vrq 013

Inspiration for the development of the ATOS VRS 135 was the ATOS VR10. The aim was to construct a fixed-wing, comparable in terms of flight dynamics of the VR10, but to decrease the weight (81 lb/37 kg)  for significant advantages in handling, and therefore particularly suited for lighter pilots.


The ATOS VRS 135 for pilots has been designed up to a weight of 175lbs/ 80 kg. The  maximum hook in weight of 300lbs/ 135 kg allows but also motorized flying with slight Trikes or motor belt systems like the S-lift or the mosquito.

Despite the rather small span of 12 meters, the ATOS VRS 135 has docile flight characteristics while flying slower. Takeoff and landing are easy, even in still air. In flight, the ATOS VRS 135 is high performing and can fly fast. It has a velocity to not exceed of 62mph. The ATOS VRS has very short roll times, which assists pilots to acheive tight circles in thermals or making corrections when ridge soaring. The ATOS VRS 135 flies precisely in turbulent conditions. Combination of the agility of a flexible wing with the perfoamnce benefits of a rigid wing. It can be short packed to a length of 4 meters and is easy to ground handle and fit within most garages.