CG 1000 harness

The CG-1000 harness is custom made so that you can have the harness of your dreams, whatever that dream may be. Established in the early eighties, our company has been focused on making hang glider harnesses for pilots who love to fly as much as we do.

Since the CG-1000 is tailor made for the pilot’s body, it is the most comfortable harness you could buy. The more comfortable the harness, the longer you can stay in the air. Our harnesses are easy to fly because they put the pilot in an upright position for launching and landing, and with the simple push of the feet the pilot can go prone for a comfortable aerodynamic flight. Finally, the CG-1000 will last for years since we only use the safest, most durable materials we can find.


  • Custom sized and built for you
  • An internal frame load tested to 10G’s
  • Total body and leg support
  • Easy in flight adjustment of CG with a foot stirrup
  • Large storage pocket on the back of the harness
  • Tail storage
  • Zippered stash pocket
  • Continuous webbing surrounds pilot
  • Low profile buckles
  • Backup hang strap used as sheath to protect main and parachute lines
  • Single line suspension reduces drag
  • Velcro retained leg door zipper
  • Replaceable (or washable) cordura tail skid
  • Hidden recoil zipper lines
  • Durable fabric
  • Aero and land tow loops
  • Comfort adjustments
  • Padded shoulders
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • Harness bag

Options include:

  • Original entry
  • Full chest entry
  • J entry
  • Chest mounted parachute pocket
  • Side mounted parachute pocket
  • Radio pocket
  • Hook knife
  • Oxygen attachment
  • Detachable Leg Loop Buckles
  • Padded leg straps
  • Camelbak pocket
  • Shoulder Seal
  • Plastic reinforced tail skid
  • Carabiner
  • Quicklink Backup
  • Design on the parachute pocket / price varies
  • Design on the back of the harness / price varies
  • Cordura harness bag

Other options considered

With the J-entry option the parachute pocket is sewn directly to the chest piece so there is no need to worry about it flopping around and creating extra drag. This design really cleans up the front of the harness and it is still incredibly easy to use. The harness is put on like a jacket. Zipper the front “J” entry

Colors Available
Black, Evergreen, Forest Green, Navy, Royal, Purple, Red, Florescent Orange, Yellow, Pink, White, Charcoal