We are replacing our fleet of WillsWing Condors on the training hill with the New WillsWing Alpha! 180 and 210.

Though we will miss the big light weight training gliders, the new Alpha's are stronger and rated for higher altitudes, G's, and aggressive flying then what can be found on bunny sized training hills. Because of this , if students should infact want to buy their own Alpha they will be able to. The Condor's were so lightly made they were not available to pilots for purchase, only schools.

The Alpha provides the easiest, most comfortable access to soaring you will find. With its exceptional slow flight capabilities, dampened and docile handling, and extraordinary sink rate performance, the Alpha will have you climbing out in conditions you didn't even know were soarable. For new pilots purchasing their first glider, the Alpha provides an excellent combination of performance and handling for the rapid development of flying skills and experience.