(with apologies to Dr. Suess)

For your entertainment as well as your enlightenment, I'm sharing a poem that Becky(my wife) and I wrote about gripping too hard.  I think you'll like it.


       When your grip is too tight
              You can’t feel what you’ve got
       You can’t feel when you’re flyin’
              You can’t feel when you’re not

       With such a tight grip
              Your senses can’t take it
       You don’t know the timing
              You’ll just have to fake it

       You run for your take off
              You’re hoping for flight
       You can’t feel the glider flying
              ‘Cuz you’re gripping too tight

       Against all the odds
              You take off and fly
      You feel lucky and thankful
             You’re amazing, you sigh

      But when your grip is too tight
             You just might be diving
     You can’t measure your airspeed
             The feeling of flying

      You can’t feel the ground effect
             The slowing of speed
      You can’t fly your glider
            It’s the feeling you need

      Coming in for your landing
            You’re nervous, you’re sweatin’
      You’re gripping like mad
            Cuz’ you don’t want to wack-in

      If you could only remember
            To loosen your grip
      Think … no grippin’, no guessin’
            That’s it – that’s the trick

      So, to wrap up this rap
             To bring an end to this thing
      If you’re grippin’, you’re guessin’
            You’re not flying your wing

      Loosen up on your grip
             That’s your motto, your quest
      Don’t be grippin’ and guessin’
            Be the pilot, be the best!