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Studnets: Adrian, Seth, Carolina, Brian, and Uri.

Time to get sum! And what a time to do so. When I arrived at the training hill this last Sunday March 20th I discovered that the blossoms were indeed sprouting everywhere. The deluge of rain we have been getting this last winter from El Nino has helped to trigger an amazing proliferation of wild flowers.  I have been hiking a lot in the Monterey area including the Ventana Wilderness and Big Sur and have noticed most defintely a change however I never expected our training hill which sits within a ranch where cattle graze to be blossoming as well. 

Since I first started instructing in 2002 I don't recollect ever seeing the variety and quantity of flowers that are there right now,...Lupine, Blue Dick's, Owl Moss, Pink Cosmo, and more.

The students defintely had bigger smiles then usual and I can't help but attribute it to the amazing scenery.