group shot

Having students with a great attitude, having great conditions, and a beautiful lush green flying site to fly at is pretty much a recipe for success.

This last Sunday I had such a day. It wasn't an unusual day and neither were the flights.

Being an advanced pilot whom has flown thousands of feet above the round in the high seirra's and over the years having taught hundreds of students to fly one would think I might be jaded but I am not, it is still a wonderful pleasure to see individuals for the first time fly on their own. To see their smiles, hear their laughter, and share in their sense of accomplishment.

In the video below you will find Rohullah, Ali, and Chevohn fly Mission Soaring Centers traing hill in Tres Pinos, CA.


In addition to my students, Dave Yount, another Mission Soaring Centers instructor, taught four other beginning students.

As the season picks up and the days lengthen it is not uncommon to have more students, and classes both in the morning and afternoon and additionally have ten+ advanced students winch tow to  thousand feet over head.

Though learning to fly anytime of the year is a pleasure it is especially great to 'Get Some' now.