To provide the best support and service to our customers Mission Soaring Center chose several decades ago to limit the number of manufacturers it could represent. MSC focused on established manufacturers primarily here in the USA which could provide consistent exceptional quality, industry leading safety results, and a range of products that could satisfy the size, talent range, and flying styles of our clientele.

Once you've decided upon the model and size, the next step is to determine the sail colors - custom sail patterns are possible.  We have all the latest hang glider accessories too!

Mission Soaring Center also has an inventory of used gliders.  Used gliders are all given full tear down inspections and test flown before being sold.  For many, buying a used glider is a preferred option for getting into the sport and the instructors at Mission Soaring will help you decide on the best options for you.

Service Is Part Of The Deal

Service doesn't stop with the sale.  We make sure to thoroughly introduce you to your new equipment - whether it's new or used, it's new to you - we make sure you understand the setup, breakdown, flying style, and any packing tips.

We have the experience and the expertise - 45 years in business.  We provide the best service; it is our commitment to our customers.