Harness are designed around the type of flying you will be doing and your skill level.  While you're under instruction, you'll be using training harnesses which are short harnesses that are best suited for short, upright flights.  As you become more skilled, you will transition to flying prone - that's the Superman flying position which is more comfortable for longer flights.  Again, as your skills progress and your flights are longer and potentially higher, you might be interested in a harness that will protect you from the elements associated with high altitude mountain flying or perhaps you'll be more interested in a light weight and airy harness better suited for coastal beach flying.  Whatever your flying skills and flying goals, Mission Soaring Center can provide you with the harness of your (flying) dreams!

Mission Soaring Center works with the most highly regarded harness manufacturers:  Center of Gravity, High Energy, Rotor and WillsWing.


The company 'ROTOR EQUIPMENT' has learned a great deal over the last 24 years. It is a story of hard work and achievements, that has revolutionized the hang gliding, in Brazil and throughout the world.

Streamlined comfort and safety is complemented by bold design and innovation providing the merger between pilot and equipment. This has generated the support of leading names in hang gliding community worldwide.

The Rotor equipment ensures the quality and safety for all pilots, from beginners to professional competition pilots.

The biggest names locally and internationally are part of their team. The fact they have chosen to be and work with ROTOR helps give some credence that ROTOR EQUIPMENT is doing something right.

Rotor has acquired a level of quality and innovation and has become a benchmark in the international arena, they continue seeking technological solutions to further improve their products.

Shadow S


Vulto S



High Energy Sports is a leading innovator in safety and performance in the Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Powered Parachute Wings by introducing products like: Universal Back Pack, safety lock systems, Web Loop Ladder and Quantum Series parachutes.

At High Energy Sports lessons learned in sky diving and aero-sport industries are continuously reviewed and evaluated noting the effect they might have in our products.

Since 1982 High Energy Sports has developed products for the recreational hang glider pilot.

Harnesses are very personal, and as a unique person you want one your own special way. At High Energy Sports Inc. you choose the basic harness, the insulation, and the options. We build it the way you want it. You pay only for those options you want.