We are so enthusiastic to be the first hang gliding school using "The Easy Flyer" hang gliding instructional system. Wills Wing Inc., the largest hang gliding manufacturer in the world, partnered with Mission Soaring Center to introduce this revolutionary hang glider for teaching.

What is ther East Flyer?
The Easy Flyer introduces people to hang gliding in the most effective way - it's intuitive, easy and fun. This specially designed hang glider on wheels, alllows the pilot to roll into the air for takeoff and roll in for landing. The pilot sits comfortably in a seated harness and controls the glider in an upright, natural position.

How is it better?
This glider simplifies the learning process by focusing on flying skills. Learning to fly and control the glider first - allowing the student to experience the exhilaration of flying with easy rolling launches and landings - then foot launch launch and landing skills are more easily learned.

Day One:
Students skim the ground with ease and confidence, often flying over a hundred feet. The Easy Flyer is a huge success.

And then:
Students transition to flying a regular hang glider, learn to foot-launch (landing skills and soon fly up to altitudes using the flyings skills they first learned on the Easy Flyer.

It's all good and, with the Easy Flyer, it's all better!


A son inspires his father to return to hang gliding

Want air?

The Easy Flyer has arrived!

Out Flying in the Field - A group of first-day students on the Easy Flyer

  • Solo Lesson
  • $160
  • Available Saturday, Sunday, Monday and other days by special arrangement
  • No experience necessary
  • 4 hours of introductory flights where you're doing the flying
  • Our most popular offering
  • All flying gear supplied.
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  • Tandem Flight
  • $160
  • Available Sunday & Monday and
    other days by special arrangement
  • No experience necessary
  • Fly with a USHGA expert tandem-rated pilot for a high altitude flight up to 1,000 feet
  • Launch using a specialized tow system
  • All flying gear supplied
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  • Adventure Pkg.
  • $295
  • Available Sunday & Monday and
    other days by special arrangement
  • No experience necessary
  • Includes both the solo lesson in the morning and a tandem flight in the afternoon!
  • Save $25
  • All flying gear supplied
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  • High Altitude Tow Lessons
  • $35/Tow
  • Tow up to 1,000 feet at first and up to 2,000 for experienced pilots
  • For students who have received their H1 Certification and for experienced hang glider pilots
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  • New Pilot Package
  • $700.00
  • 5 Solo Lessons: Five 4-hour classes of introductory training flights.
  • Save on lessons – save $20/lesson
  • Complete Student Packet ($40 value): Pilot Logbook plus Hang Gliding For Beginner Pilots Training Manual
  • All flying gear supplied
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  • Equipment Purchase Plan
  • Ongoing Savings
  • Purchase your hang glider equipment from Mission Soaring Center for immediate savings
  • Save on lessons – save $60/lesson
  • Save on tows – save $10/tow
  • We have the latest equipment available - both new and used - fully inspected, test flown & certified
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